Issue 4 is set for Friday, October 21 2016


Live Art is a pop-up— a new art, music, prose and music genre structured like a magazine, with front-matter, features, and interstitial delights. It’s editor-in-chief, the artist and photographer Amanda Herman, with much help from her friends, stages a fast-moving series of short, 2 minute pieces, a few six or eight minute main articles, and a string of surprises–like a magazine’s cartoons, verse, pensive reflections and memoir.

In the shadow of the looming presidential election, local and regional artists contemplate modalities of LISTENING – this issue’s theme — as a political act, mode of surveillance, way of locating one’s place in the swirling world and of tuning into the whispered sub-texts behind the stories of today.

The performers are local and regional — writers, poets, artists, musicians, dancers, filmmakers–risk-takers all. For the fourth year, we ‘publish’ their new work and work-in-progress on the stage.



Get a sneak peek of what Live Art is all about on  NEPR’s “Live Art Magazine” podcast highlighting some of our past performers:


ISSUE 1 premiered on November 1 2013. The lineup included poet James Tate, Gary Bernice & the Springfield Sci-Tech Band, artist Wendy Woodson, Matthew Glassman of Double Edge Theatre, photographer Eric Gottesman, local bands Bella’s Bartok and Potty Mouth, writer Nell Lake and many, many more. See the complete line up here.

ISSUE 2 was held on October 24 2014.

ISSUE 3 was held on October 23 2o15

ISSUE 4 will be on October 21 2016