Issue 4: October 21, 2016

Julia Morgan_field recording

The theme of Issue 4 was LISTENING — as a political act, a mode of surveillance, a way to tune into your place in the world and to experience the little known and unsung stories of today.

Our exciting lineup included:

The amazing hip-hop dancers from Hartford’s Studio 860

A collaboration between drummerChris Corsano and sound artist Jake Meginsky

A story from NEPR’s 2015 Story Slam winner Susanne Schmidt

A political essay by journalist Shaheen Pasha

A magical animation by Jo Dery

A dispatch from radio producer Karen Werner

New videos from the artist collective Tristatic

Music by audience favorites Springfield’s Sci Tech High School Band

Field Recordings by Jefferson Pitcher

The musical collaboration by Shumoto & the Byrde

An original song by Izy Coffey & violinist Abby Kahler

Poet Alisina Saee-Nazari strikes a chord with vocalist Laura Sui

Performance artists Ben Hersey gets serious with Maya Rivera

An audio story by Sara Curtis with interviews by Jenny Bender & photographs by Amanda Herman