Drawing Team


There’s no photography or filming of any kind allowed during our one-night-only show. Instead, we ask a team of talented artists and illustrators to document the night live, as the show unfolds. The resulting artwork becomes the only documentation of each ephemeral evening. Follow the links below to see a slideshow of drawings from each issue.

Drawing Team Issue 1: 2013


RebelBase (Eben) Around Town (Sophy) TristaticFashion (Taryn)

Maggie Nowinski, Joshua Vrysen, Angela Zammarelli, Chelsea Granger, Eben Kling, Lorelei Marie Woolley, Sophy Naess, Anja Schutz, Brendan McCauley, Jacqueline Dougherty, Julia Handschuh, Taryn Amina, Tanner Slick and Sandy Litchfield

Drawing Team Issue 2: 2014


HARTFORD-HOT-SERVERAL-maggie-nowinksi HOMEBODY-julia-handschuh TRISTATIC-aya-brown

Maggie Nowinski, Aya Brown, Jason Brown, Kim Carlino, Jacqueline Dougherty, Julia Handschuh, Lynx Havens, Sandy Litchfield, Eric Hnatow, Andrew Huckins, Eben Kling, Haley Morgan, Tanner Slick

Drawing Team Issue 3: 2015


_Page_38_Carlino_Page_09_Seylerartazu copy

Patrick Artazu, Kim Carlino, Donnabelle Casis, Plum Crane, Maria Darrow, Amy “BannerQueen” Johnquest, Rob Kimmel, Burns Maxey, Brendan Mccauley, Maggie Nowinski, Tom Pappalardo, Alicia Renadette, Hannah Richards, Cory Blair Seyler, Andrew Sovjani, Josh Vrysen, Dana Wilde and Sandy Litchfield

Drawing Team Issue 4: 2016


Dan Chiaccio__Corsano Meginsky Neil_Cloaca_Young_Meginsky and Corsano Sally Clegg_listen to the enemy

Opertura (Aya & Jason), Dana Wilde, Tom Pappalardo, Burns Maxey, Brendan McCauley, Josh Vrysen, Maggie Nowinski, Rob Kimmel, Neil Young Cloaca, Fafnir Adamites, Lynn Peterfreund, Maggie Gammell, Julia Morgan-Leamon, Sally Clegg, Dan Chiaccio, Lorelei Marie Woolley, Hannah Richards, Katie Richardson & Adell Donaghue

BIG thanks to Julia Handschuh, Maggie Nowinski and Kim Carlino for dedicating so much time and energy to organizing our incredible teams (and for scanning the images).